Monday, July 25, 2011

British Baking Part 8: Helluva Day, Intro to the Real Cake Maker

British Baking
Part 8
A Helluva Day
An Introduction to the REAL Cake Maker

My day did not start out well.  I had been trying to shake a cold thoughtfully given to me by my son.  Every single cold I have had recently has been accompanied by the most tremendous sinus pressure around my right eye.  Most of the time the pain has been under my eye along the cheek bone, but this time it has migrated up underneath my eyebrow, right in my eye socket.  What a delight.

 I ask my sister-in-law, Clare, about sinus removal surgeries.  She, being a migraine sufferer, empathises, offering that she too has wanted to go all "Greek Tragedy" on her eye while having a migraine, but has been glad she didn't.  This makes me laugh in a sad sort of way, but no massaging or warm compress would relieve me of the dull continual ache.  I imagine (ok, I know) being around me was not very fun (my poor husband can verify this). 

I use many of these.  They are huge.  4 ply.  My son could use them as a blankie.
Apparently, not for dainty ladies.  I am hurt about what this says about me.

My friend, Kendra, recommends that I see the chemist (pharmacist).  I do.  She listens patiently, tells me that I can take Ibuprofen for the pain, but to inhale this.  Just a little, in hot water to make a vapor.  Huuummm...
I decide that trying can't hurt.

I add this to boiling water in a big bowl and  I am skeptical.  I breathe in, and Good God Almightly!!! It knocks my socks off.  I stagger backwards and start crying, the vapor is so strong.  It burns my eyes, the hairs on the inside of my nose and any possible bacterial or viral issues I might possibly have in my sinus.
(I recommend using it, the problem went away, but see the amount in my hand?  Use a 1/4 of it.  And close you eyes whilst breathing in!)
 While feeling sorry for myself and the severe pain I am suffering (do you feel sorry for me?) I decide to check out what the Cake Maker has to offer.  I drive down to Golspie, go into her store, and look at what she has  on the counter.  I probably would have been chatty with her had I been feeling a little more like myself.  I see a chocolate cake with chocolate icing.  I take a slice to go.  I also pick up a child's chef hat and spatula for Nicholas. 

The trip into her shop makes my day and I completely forget about my sinus:

Reason #1:  Baby Chef lovin' his new cooking supplies
How could this NOT make you smile?
"Cooking" his teddy bear cake

Sampling.  Yes, that's quite good.

Always the showman, Nick shouts Ta-Da!!!

And Delectable Reason #2
It looks and smells marvelous

Approximately 1.2 seconds later...

...and another second after that.
It is the best baked good I have had here. Period.  I contemplate driving back down to get another piece.  I decide against it only because I think it would be embarrassing.  I settle on going back in tomorrow.

I must meet this woman.

To be continued...


  1. Debbie ( The Cake Maker )August 2, 2011 at 6:02 PM

    I need photos of Nicholas modeling the hat to put up in the shop, then I'm bound to sell them :)

  2. Debbie-

    You are welcome to use Nicholas' precious lil' picture whenever you'd like. He is just too cute for words and loves to help Mommy cook.

    And he just loved those scotty dogs, so thank you a million times over.