Sunday, August 28, 2011

British Baking Part 15: Enamored with Edith

My in-law’s bookcase in Scotland is stuffed with delightful books.  Books on wildflowers, British birds, Scottish Architecture, and Seashells abound, as do books on geology, gemstones, birds of prey, and lighthouses.

It is a pleasure that Nicholas and I enjoy together when we frequently visit their place.  We curl up on their couch across from the fire, and look at books on butterflies, for instance, and have a good cuddle.

On one such day, I discover a jewel hidden amidst the other books: Edith Holden’s The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady.

It is a facsimile of Ms. Holden’s diary that is a collection of stunning watercolors, calligraphy, and observations chronologically organized by month.  She skillfully interweaves her own works with the famous poetry, traditions, and expressions of British Masters that relate to each month.

And you know why this is one of my favorite pages, don't you?!

I am pretty sure we had a plaque of these toadstools in my house growing up.

I quickly absconded with my treasure and leafed through the entire book feasting off of all of the gorgeous pictures.  There were birds and their eggs, butterflies, flowers, bees, insects, animals, and trees.  I flipped through over and over until visually satiated.  Then returned to January and read the book through in its entirety.

Sadly, I left Edith’s diary on the shelf in Scotland, but her images will remain in my mind forever.

Rose Tutorial

What you'll need.

Cute little cupcake

Cut off the top.
Rip off a blob of green fondant.

Roll it into a ball and then flatten it out with your hand and smooth edges with your fingers.
Gently place atop cuppie.

Shape two more small pieces into rough leaves.
Cut with kitchen scissors, then use a knife to score the leaves.

Now, take a small piece of pink fondant and shape it roughly into something resembling a bullet.
My piece was a little too think, but it serves me well for these purposes anyway.

See piece of fondant in front of the cupcake?  You are going to make it over and over and over.
Those are the petals.  The thinner the more dainty, the thinker the studier: you choose what you prefer.
I chose thinker for the how-to, but I like them dainty as well...

Place it around one side.

And another around the opposite.


and again,

and again many times, until,
"Hey, it actually looks like a rose!"

Yay! Finished product...
and the model gets all dewy outside.

Ah, I see you made it to the end of the tutorial/entry.  This was also found on the bookcase in my in-law's.
I'll leave that one alone.


  1. Just to let you know, I have been sharing these with Dustin and he (as well as myself, of course) is SO impressed with what you're doing. He said "WOW! She's really getting good at this!"
    He can't wait to see what happens for the shower and thinks you should be making LOTS of money for what you do! :-) Love you!

  2. Ashley-
    Thanks so much. I can't wait until November. I have SO many awesome ideas!!! Soooo excited!!!
    Hopefully, one day I can make some $ too ;-)
    Love ya!