Friday, November 4, 2011

A Train Runs Across This Track

(Next project will be making these cuties into cupcakes)

For those of you who have boys, even if they are older than 2,
you definitely know you that guy is: Thomas the Tank Engine, that's who! (Ugh- didn't mean to rhyme there).

This past summer we took Nicholas on his first train ride in Scotland.  He loved it.  Every second of it.  Scot Rail was fabulous.

We decked him out in his new Thomas shirt, recruited Anna, our adorable neighbor and family friend, and boarded at our local station in Brora.  We also brought a "Percy" (that's the green train in the pictures) with us.

Anna and Nicholas crossing the train bridge, ready to ride.

Ooooh, I think Percy will go here on this bench.


"We're waiting for the train!"

The old run-down Brora Station.  It adds character, I think.

Yeah, character.  I'll stick with that.

Here it comes!!!


Checkin' out the fields with Momma

The conductor (pictured in the doorway) and engineer (inside the window on the left) chatted with Nick
 for about 10 minutes at a stop over in Lairg.
Scot Rail you are wonderful.

Thumbs up
(look at Nick carefully- he, he, he).

This is AWESOME mom

Thomas Cookie- nom...nom...nom...

Special note:  These cookies were totally inspired by Whipped Baker.  I adored them so much, and knew my son would too, and just had to try to make them myself.


  1. Nick looks so happy and adorable! Thomas looks too good to eat but I'm sure Nick went to town on those cookies! Great job!

  2. He looks so happy there! Those cookies are so cute...the details are amazing, as always!
    Love ya,

  3. Gina- Thanks! When I experiment on making them into cupcakes I'll bring some for Hudson and Greyson. They'll love 'em too :-)

  4. Ashley-
    You cannot imagine how excited I am for your shower this weekend. I can't wait for you to see and taste (of course) what I have in store. I can't wait for that baby to be born already. I already am thinking of birthdays and events to bake for for my niece or nephew!!!
    Love you!

  5. Aimee--
    So I am finally able to catch up on my blog reading and I just fell in love with these Thomas cookies... Do you take orders?? (Actually I fall in love with all your creations) My nephew is insanely in love with Thomas. Big shocker.. a little boy in love with Thomas and trains. I feel some Thomas cookies might be needed for his Bday in Feb.

    Seriously you are awesome! Miss you tons!!!

  6. Mary- Of course I can make him some cookies. Just let me know when. Love and miss you mucho!