Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Black Bean Brownies

Yeah, that's right.  Brownies made with black beans.  And they are GOOD, reeeeeaaaallllly GOOD.

Healthy (-er)  Brownies an oxymoron?  I think not.

I've been reading up lately on how to be sneaky; trying to figure out how to get Munchkin Man to eat, not just to eat healthy, but to eat anything.  There are many books and blogs dedicated to this topic so I thought I give some of the recipes I've found a try.  I found this particular one on a Weight Watchers blog (of all places!)- but man, oh man, it is delicious, easy, and fast.  I made it before our weekly dinner at my parents' house.  My step-dad and I had suffered long enough without any chocolaty desserts (my hubby doesn't do chocolate because it gives him vicious headaches and my mom doesn't care for it), so I thought dad would be the perfect person to try the recipe on.  I wasn't giving away my secret beforehand, but afterward I couldn't wait to disclose the secret ingredient.

See the how-to and results below.

Step 1: Buy brownie mix

and a can of black beans.

Step 2: Wash gooey liquid off of black beans and out of the can,
 then put the beans back into the can, fill with water, then dump into a bowl.

Mmm Beans.
(Ashley, I can hear you snickering in the background.)

Step 3: Mash beans.
 I used a potato masher first (said Munchkin Man was asleep), then switched to this...

Immersion blender.  It worked better and faster (duh).  A regular blender works too.
Just keep blending, and blending, and blending.  You don't want any bean shell or hull in there.
  Wouldn't be pleasant.  Plus, you'd give your secret away.

Should look something like this in the end.  No huge pieces.  Nice and smoof.

Musical Interlude

Step 4:  Add brownie mix.  No egg or oil.  Fabulous!

Brownies ended up looking like this, i.e. completely normal.

Serve to unwitting father.

and to cherubic son <3

Now, I know what you are thinking: these people are all related to you, of course they are going to like it.
Well, the next morning we took leftovers on our playdate...

I think it is safe to say that he might have liked it.

Even lil' brother got to sample a tiny morsel.
 Try it.  I dare ya!


  1. Oh yes, I snickered as I read this. These are right up your alley. I feel better about you eating beans if they're mixed in chocolate though ;-)

  2. Dawn- It's on! Next week's playdate snack- ha, ha!

  3. Seriously Dawn, they were tasty and the boys loves them! Aimee, I lived the blog and the pics as well! Great job! We'll be your guinea pigs any day!