Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dr. Seuss's Birthday Celebration

Take a peek and our wonderful, wild, and wacky Dr. Seuss activities this week.  Much fun was had by all of the youngsters.  Learning has never been so fun.

I had an incredible time planning and executing this playdate/ sneaky preschool learning time on Wednesday.  My friend, Lauren brought her cuties over for lots of fun and learning.
Nick and I started the day out by getting in our swimsuits, hopping in the bathtub and playing with some homemade Oobleck (cornstarch, water, and food coloring). It has a super soft texture that Nick loved. He let it run through his fingers, got it all over his legs, and even wanted to stick his toes in it. It was really fun to watch him play with it.
When our friends arrived we had many activities (learning, learning!!!) set up to explore.  A Ten Apples Up on Top felt board for stacking the numbers in the right order on top of the tiger's head, ABC magnets and a cookie sheet to go along with Dr. Seuss's ABC book, a sheet that I drew Pop on for them to Hop on Pop, and a fish bowl sheet with numbers written in each fish bowl for them to take pretzel fish and put the correct number of fish in each bowl.
The kids loved the activities.  I was so happy and relieved (after spending a lot of time preparing).  We read each of the books that went along with the activities, and sometimes more than once.
Afterwards, we enjoyed apples and cheese sliced to look like Cat's hat, more pretzel fish, Green Eggs and Ham snacks, and the Yink's Pink Ink (from One Fish Two Fish) which was vanilla milk with a drop of natural red food coloring stirred in.
So, Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! You continue to inspire and teach us all.


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    1. Thanks Gabby! Hope to have you guys over again. Hopefully with Jen and Jonathan too.