Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Here Kitty, Kitty

I don't know about you, but I think these came out purr-fect.

I got the idea from Angie D's lovely, tremendously insprirational website and thought I have to give these a shot myself, my niece will love them. 

(This is a coloring book that I also got for my niece, Maya.  It is entitled something along the lines of Hello Kitty Around Town.  I love how I managed to get the Bakery in the picture without doing so intentionally!)

Well, as it would turn out, Maya didn't have a chance to try them...

The scene unfolded a little something like this:

Nick announces "Nick eats Kitty Cat cake" x 1,000,000 until I relent

Momentarily dazed by Kitty Cake

Going in for the kill

CRUNCH, followed by some slurping, and muffled Mmm's

Let me eat in peace



  1. LOVE IT!! Great Hello Kitty pops.. Nick seems to really have enjoyed them.
    I've always loved reading my friends Blogs.. its a great way to keep in touch. I've tried to become a blogger but haven't had much success. Maybe yours will be my inspiration.


  2. Aim - not sure which one is better (they are both precious), the cat is great and the ice cream cone looks good enough to eat : }. Hope some of these are making their way over here on Daddy's day.

    Love You,


  3. Mary,
    Thanks for taking a look. I didn't know you had a blog. Let me guess, the other one is Katie?! ;-) I also love the name of your blog. Too cute!
    My friend Dawn, inspired me too. That and I really wanted a place to display my little baked creations.
    Lots of love,

  4. Momma-
    Thank you :-) Sadly, both Miss Kitty and the "Ice Cream" are long done, but don't you worry. I've got wonderful plans for our Fathers' Day celebration...
    Love you bunches and bunches.

  5. Aims..
    You guessed it.. it's totally Katie. It's kinda our way to keep up with each other while we are so far apart. Hopefully we start writing more!