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British Baking, Part 5: The Coffee Bothy

British Baking
Part 5:  The Coffee Bothy,
Golspie, Scotland

Bothy: Scots- A hut or small cottage.
(I would like to amend this to include shack. (Rusty-tin roof and all).
Yes, it is a shack!
 Perhaps initially, but you'd be a damn fool to pass it up!

Truth be told, I was more than a little sceptical about the Coffee Bothy when I first saw it from the outside last year.  Our friend Carol, from the Royal Marine, recommended it to us, so I thought she must know something I don't know.  My, admittedly, superficially based opinion rapidly changed once we entered and saw the warm, bustling environment.

This restaurant is cozy and friendly.  They pay attention to their customers.  On our first trip back in this year, they remembered Nick from a year ago and commented on how much he had grown!!!  Whaaa?  They remembered Nick?  From a year ago?  Ok, yes, we did go there a lot, but come on!  People at home don't even remember when we've been in the day before.  Tony, Lindsay, and Catriona greet us every single time we visit, and sincerely coo over Nick.  They give us recommendations where to go see the seals, ask us where our adventures have taken us, and where we'll be going to next. 

They are amazingly kid-friendly which is very HARD to come by in the UK.  There is an adorable little red table with two small, vibrant chairs placed next to an enormous chalk board and a little bowl of coloured chalk for them to doodle with.

The food is simple and delicious.  The espresso bar is a treat as are their desserts.  Check it out... 
Le Petit Prince eyeing the dessert and Tony working hard in the background

Well put.
They don't take themselves too seriously
and I love that.

Beauty in Simplicity: Cafe Latte

Cranberry and Brie Toastie
 Nick devoured half of it.  That is a testimony to how scrumptious it is.
I also adore the Mozzarella, Tomato, and Basil

Carrot Cake
with lots of goodies both inside and out:
dried cranberries, and walnuts with a subtly sweet cream cheese frosting.

Sparkly Lemon Drizzle Cake
Wonderfully moist and citrus-y with edible glitter on top
 (and you know this speaks to me, it is one of my favorites).

Beetroot Cake
(My hubby is braver than I am in this department.
I think beets taste like dirt
 I believe it was my mother-in-law who corrected me saying they're "earthy")
 Nonetheless, he reports back by saying and I quote:
"It's moist...
 You might want to try this...
This is serious."

This is my beautiful sister-in-law, Claire.
 She stripped them of all of their remaining Victoria Sponge Cake with no regrets.
Catriona is laughing from behind the counter, she is also a talented musician we have had the pleasure of seeing perform.
Nick is completely smitten.
She brought Nick his Cheese Toastie with Ham, and when she left, he turns, looks at me and says
"Yat (that) nice waiter bring Nick yat pink ham and grilled cheese.  Nice waiter girl."

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