Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A la Americana

Public Service Announcement:

A brief interruption in The British Baking Series to display some of my decidedly American Baking to my lovely Scottish friends who have requested it.

  So, without further ado:

"Pop it like it's Hot"
-Snoop Dogg

Hey, Minnie you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind...

I made these cake pops for my friend Lauren, and her kids Megan and Ethan.
She is a partner in crime as she is an extremely talented baker who specializes in what she calls "adult cupcakes".  Naughty you, get your mind out of the gutter!  The portions are smaller and have yummy coffee and liquor flavors (among many others) is all.  Which is why my childish whimsical nature and her sophisticated one pair up nicely.
Her website is amazing with beautiful photos: http://www.minnieblisscupcakes.com/


The people who made my sink apparently had a sense of humour

Spring Flutterby

The most delectably moist chocolate cuppies with raspberry buttercream as frosting.
The butterflies were crafted out of vanilla.

Bottoms Up

These were made on Easter for my son and niece.  They are one of my all time favorites.

Peachy Keen
Surprisingly moist, with a touch of peaches 'n cream.
 Perfect for summer in Virginia.


Man, have I got a splitting headache.
Guffaw, Guffaw...

Area 51 
I know they don't look like it, but these were some of the hardest cake pops I have ever made.
I do like how they came out though.
(And the eyes are chocolate covered sunflower seeds which were interestingly yummy)

Snoop Dogg
(He is getting a lot of play in this blog)

"Sue-Fee"  Toddler translation: Snoopy

My husband is not fond of this shirt

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  1. Wow! Those are all awesome! You're making me hungry...