Wednesday, August 10, 2011

British Baking Part 12: All Roads Lead Back to...


When the view from your flat looks something like this

or magical, like this.  It is hard not to be inspired to golf.

One can practice out front traditionally, that is with a golf ball and driver.

No club?  No problem.  Got a rake.

Practice swings with rake and mini-beach ball.
Follow through looks good.

It can be a family affair with Mom even joining in.

If you're not a golfer (or if you are and aren't paying close enough attention),
this and the following picture are pretty endearing.
 Nick had been watching some of the Scottish and British Open on TV,
 and was imitating what the golfers' legs look like on the follow through...
 but before he even hit the ball.

again...silly guy

One just might make this broom and car work on a rainy day

Yeah, I got this.

Adorable golfing cupcake.

Want to know how to create this baby?  See below.

My husband salutes Thee

Proud Dad

And he should be

If you'd like to see how to create an awesome golfing cupcake for your dad or hubby, here's the how-to:

Take your cupcake.  This one is pretty flat, goes up in the middle slightly, so I will use that for the "hill."

Place a small blob of buttercream in the middle and spread in a circular motion outwards.

Cupcake should have a thin layer of smooth buttercream on top.
Then take your graham crackers, put them in a plastic freezer bag, and break them with your hands.

The majority of it should be pretty fine, but I left a few small chunks for the bunker.

Carefully make a little pile with your graham crackers on one side.

You will need an icing bag of some sort to pipe the grass and it will need a tiny hole.

After coloring some of your buttercream green, place it in the piping bag and start.
I began at the sand line, and did row after row of grass, the closer the better to make nice thick grass,
and so the white buttercream can't be seen under the grass.

There you go.

Take a tooth pick and cut a piece of rolled fruit to make the flag.  Just wrap it around the toothpick, it is sticky so it will hold itself up there.  Add a gumball or other white round candy for the golf ball.  This is fondant, but it is not necessary.
And there you have it.


  1. Aimee, what a wonderful post! Can't wait to try the cookies out- thanks for the recipe! You guys take wonderful photos. The last one of Nick golfing is amazing. I can totally see it blown up huge and in a frame. Thanks for sharing your goodies and the memories of your trip! We want more!
    Ps. Hudson is gonna have to work on his golf skills if he's going to try to hang with Nick on the green.

  2. Jina-

    We absolutely must get the boys out to golf. Nick will teach Hudson all he knows ;-)