Thursday, August 11, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Leo!

Fierce, proud, loyal, and loving.

This is for you my sweet Leo. 
Happy Birthday!

Proud Husband and Father


His Loving Lioness

Our Lil Cub

Family portrait

Love you!


  1. You forgot adopted nephew Bailey! Where is HIS cake pop!!


    Just kidding .... I did point out to him that this particular portrait was of immediate family only, and that, furthermore, he was a Taurus, not a Leo. When he realized THAT, he said he would rather not be made into a Cake Pop at ALL, if it meant being a bull. His loss. He'd make a cute bull I think.

    Great posts! Can I send my sister over with you next year? She would love to ride, and she has a way with kids and horses!

  2. Carol-

    You are so funny! And a Taurus, Bailey?! We have so many sweet Tauruses in our life, Momma P, Auntie Clare, my mom, step-dad... And this is the very short version of the list, it goes on and on.

    Come late April/Early May, I will craft a Pop in your honor Bailey don't you worry.

    Please tell your sister that we would love her to come along next year. People who are good with kids AND horses are tops in my book ;-)

    Love ya!