Sunday, September 4, 2011

Under the Sea- A Photo Narrative

For the Under the Sea theme, fish, squid, starfish, and octopus adorned the bushes.
Nicholas threw one of his best friends, Andrew, aka Drew, a party for his second birthday.  Check out what a blast we had.

It was a beautiful, warm summer day.  We mostly partied outside.

2 of Nick's Aunts, Aunt Clare and Aunt Kelly, provided paint and paper.  So fun!

Drew's mom, Angela was thrilled at how much fun the kids were having.

Nick's proud papa supervising the action.

Drew's parents Angela and Nelson survey the scene too.

Nick lounging in the ball pit.

The twins', Calvin and Clark, mom.  They are Nick and Drew's other partners in crime.

Calvin admires the starfish decoration.

My sister, Nick's Auntie Shelly <3

Auntie Shelly's beautiful daughter, Nick's cousin Amaya.

Our neighbor, Ethan.

Clark, the 2 year old, athletic power-house.

Cousin love.

Calvin, the young artist.

Daddy helping Nick up the hill.

Wait a second!  You can see the ceiling fan outside????!!!!!!

Maybe I'll try this whole sports thing...

Daddy love!

Ethan really loved the paint.

So did his big-sis Megan.

Now, how does this sports stuff work?


Hurray, I was gettin' hot!

Nick and Megan coolin' off.

And the party heads indoors for food, cake, and presents...
Blueberry Cake pops with a vanilla shell

Teddies in their floaties

Chocolate fish with a vanilla shell

Creamy Vanilla Candies

I painted the candies with different tinted vanilla candy.

Goodie Bags

Andrew enjoying his snacks.

Megan and Ethan at their own private booth :-)

Mmm...Blueberry cake!

Ok, let me do work!

And it's done.

Nick, never the big eater, eats all of the icing off his cupcake, and leaves the cake.


Carlo and Clara Emo, Drew's Auntie

Nick tries valiantly to help Drew blow out his candle.

Calvin steps in and gets the job done. Bravo!

Drew's daddy, Nelson, has a goodie bag of his own, and leaves the party just as happy as his son. 

"Sea" You Next Time!


  1. Seems like it was a great party, and Aimee the sweets and treats look amazing!

  2. Eric- Thank you! The party was amazing, the kids and parents were happy, and the dessert- yum! Kids are so much fun, you'll see ;-)
    Ha, ha, ha!!!
    Miss and love ya-