Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Falling for Fall

In honor of fall, spice cake pops with vanilla shell.

They were approved by both my husband, AND mother.

My mom looks at my husband and says "are they any good?"
Husband "yes, they are."
Mom "OK" and proceeds to eat.
Then announces "they are good."
Well then, they must be.

It is fall here finally.  No more 100 degree weather with 100 percent humidity.  And no more mosquitoes!  Hopefully, no more earthquakes, aftershocks, hurricanes, or floods.

I always used to thinking that summer was my favorite season.  But it had been tough on us lately.  We finally got a stretch of gorgeous weather: sunny, and in the 60's.  That is when my son is happiest, when he is outside.  And seeing my child happy, well, there is no greater joy.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures as of late.  They were taken at a local Oktober Fest.  Afterwards, we enjoyed a picnic on the lawn.  Magical!

Nicholas and his Pop-Pop

Carousel riding with Momma

And the choo-choo, of course.

Absolute happiness.


  1. Oh, if I wasn't missing Virgina and Fall I have autumn spice cake pops to drool over. You are so talented. I love seeing photos of everyone and of your work! I wish I could hop on a plane right now and visit. XO

  2. Cara my love,
    I miss you so much. It has finally been so gorgeous here. Cool weather and sun. Perfect for outside. Leaves peak next week...
    Danny raved about his visit with you and your brothers.
    Love you more than anything,