Saturday, October 15, 2011

Autumn Butterflies

Nicholas was invited to attend his friend Nicole's 2nd birthday party.
It was a birthday party for two beautiful little girls: the aforementioned Nicole, and her friend, Sophia.
I was asked to make the cupcakes and cake pops, and was honored to oblige.

Cupcake tower.
Banana and chocolate cupcakes, vanilla buttercream,
and handcrafted chocolate and vanilla butterflies.
Check them out up close below.

Autumn brings out as many beautiful butterflies as the summer.

These are handmade. 
Outlined in chocolate, then filled in with vanilla that I colored and blended myself.

I love the yellow on brown,

and the individuality of each butterfly.
Not one is identical to another.

Reminds me of stained-glass.

Andrew cries, "Birthday cake!  Birthday cake!"

And the fun.  This place was amazing.  Stephanie and Mimi (the birthday girls' moms)
did an fantastic job picking out the venue.  It was awesome.  The kids had such a blast.

Nick loved this.  I think he did it about 10 times!

Peek-a-boo Andrew.

Nick contemplating what to do next.

So much fun!



Birthday girl Nicole taking it all in

Nick loved the horns.  Sorry Nick. He informs me it is a "flute" NOT a horn.

Nicole joins Nicholas with the horns

The other gorgeous birthday girl Sophia trying the icing.

Waiting to blow out their candles.

Diving, literally, into the cupcake.  That's what I like to see!


Frosting lipstick.

Birthday girls and their mommies, Stephanie and Mimi, handing out the cake pop favors

Sophia looks sad to part with the pop

Hum, this looks pretty good...

He was just too cute!

A bye-bye hug. 
Amazing party ladies,
Thank you for having us,
What a blast!


  1. Congrats Aimee! Those buttefly cupcakes look beautiful - and yummy. :) Love, Adrian

  2. Wow those cupcakes look amazing! I love those butterflies! Looks like you have a lot of patience!! I think you have a bright future with this :-)

  3. Adrian- thank you. When The Help comes out on dvd I think I'm going to make us something Southern and delicious, in honor of the movie of course!

  4. Ashley- just you wait! November 12th is going to be crazy cute! Love you!

  5. Aimee! It is so inspirational to have watched your progression with your passion and business through your blog. You have created a world of opportunities for yourself. You rock and inspire! I love you!

  6. Cara,
    You are an inspiration says one artist to the other. Little sister, I love you too. When do you come back home?
    I miss you!!!