Sunday, February 5, 2012

Construction Zone

I had seen this idea in a family magazine a while back and thought it was great.  A perfect way to entertain my son while cooking dinner.  It consisted of a cookie sheet, flour, and some construction toys.  The idea behind it is that you tot will push around the flour like it were dirt at a construction site.  Easy and entertaining enough.  Let's give it a try.

I decided to improve upon it just a little and had amazing results.  First off, actual food instead of flour.   Nick ate.  And ate.  And ate.  And had lots of fun doing it.  We did this at lunch time and were at the table for about 45 minutes.  Usually, he is squirming out of his chair after about 10 minutes max.  What a success!  This could easily be done at snack time, dinner time, or like I said before, while you are preparing dinner.

I also decided to use a deeper baking pan, instead of a cookie sheet, because I figured the depth would equal less mess (I was right). 

I used Kix cereal, carrot sticks, turkey dogs, Triscuit crackers, broken up graham crackers, and Nick's favorite "funny cheese" or  known to the rest of us as shredded cheddar and mozzarella.  I was looking for different flavors, textures, shapes, and sizes to apply them to a contruction site.  Think: carrot sticks as lumber and Kix as rocks.  You get the idea.

Other good food ideas: thin apple slices, grapes, peas, broccoli, goldfish crackers, pretzel sticks.  You can use what you have on hand, the possibilities are endless.


Added bonus: works manual dexterity, and hand eye-coordination.
And yes, I would think of this somewhat gleefully while watching him at work.

And into the dump truck.

And from dump truck into mouth. 
Which reminds me, probably best to use somewhat next toys
and to have washed them of with gentle soap beforehand obviously.

Stack 'em up

'Dozing the funny cheese

Toward the end of the 45 minutes, enjoying the last "plank"


  1. This is such a great ideal Aimee I think I'm heading to Toys R Us and purchasing some of these toys (I should wash them in the dishwasher right?) and I have the perfect silver tray I just received from pampered chef! Joshua you are going to love this!!!! Loree

  2. Loree- Your grandkids are going to love it. I want to clarify something though, for safety, these toys aren't marketed as food toys or something meant to be eaten with per se. Most plastic toys, especially ones meant for babies and toddlers are BPA free, because they know babies and toddlers are likely to put them in thier mouths. When you go out, go to Babies R Us maybe first.
    Nick didn't put it any of the toys in his mouth really, just used them as a vehicle to get the food there. Mostly he just pick the food up with his hands, but pushed it all around with the trucks.
    This here is meant for eating:

  3. This is a great idea! I am so coming over to your house when Addison is bigger and stealing all of your ideas (even though this one is just for boys haha). You should make a book or something :-)

  4. Hey- I'm glad you like all the ideas. You are the second person who says I should do a book, very flattering. I already thought of another idea that is good for a boy or girl. Stay tuned!

  5. Great idea, Aimee - thanks for sharing and expanding on it to make it more fun! Stella would have loved this when she was a little bit younger. I'll have to try it with Milo. I love Nick's expression in the last picture, pure joy.

  6. OhMyLordie ... You HAVE to write a BOOK, Aimee. This stuff is AWESOME!!!
    -Bailey's Mom

  7. Adrian- I know Milo is going to love this. I hope we can have many playdates and do all of these fun things together! The time is nearing, my dear ;-)
    Much love,

  8. Bailey's beautiful mommy- you are too kind. Maybe I will put a book together one day. It's fun to think about. I just want to help my friends with little tips that have helped me, and share the fun we are having :-)