Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Oh Goodie!

Homemade Gum Drops!

Back in the summer, I had seen a tutorial on making gum drops and thought I had to just give it a try.  Bakerella, the Godmother of Cake Pops, posted the how-to on her website with lots of beautiful pictures that were so cute and inspiring, and actually didn't seem too hard.  I see many cute things online that I want to try, and a lot simply don't get done because of the time factor.  I assure you that that isn't the case here.  They are quick and easy and tasty, I promise.

If you are interested in making them, click here for Bakerella's How-To.

I will offer you some of my tips and share with you the little extras that I did:

  1. I halved the recipe.  I can't see needing so many little gum drops even though I made them with the sole intent of giving them away.
  2. I used two glass meatloaf pans in terms of size.  They were perfect.  That way I could do two different colors and flavors.
  3. I lightly misted the pans with Pam and rubbed it around with a paper towel.  Bakerella suggested this.  It is a must.
  4. I used matching colored sprinkles (or sanding sugar) instead of regular sugar and it looked so beautiful and vibrant.
  5. I also added little sugar pearls and tiny candy hearts.  My experimentation paid off.  I added my own little twist and it looked adorable.
  6. You can make any flavor or color with different extracts and sprinkles, have fun!  Red with hearts for Valentine's.  Green with peppermint for St. Paddy's, see? Endless possibilities. 


  1. Love the extra tips and the gum drops are making my mouth water!

  2. Jina-
    They were fun to make. I have never made candy before, but know it can be hard. This was good to start with.

  3. What a great thing to make for...say...Valentine's Day ;-)

  4. I know Ashley. We'll have to see what I come up with. I can't wait to take pictures!!!