Sunday, February 12, 2012

Glow Baby

Add glowsticks to your baby's bath and watch the fun unfold.  I saw an image on Pinterest of glow sticks in a bath tub and thought I'd try it with Nick. All I did was pick these up at Target from the $1 section (they are at Michael's too, 15 for a dollar)and rinse them off with soap and warm water beforehand.  Nick had never seen glowsticks before so there was audible gasping as he ascended the stairs into the darkness with the light emanating from the door knob.

He plucked them off of the door knob and entered the dark bathroom, eyes like saucers.

I had rings, sticks, and chains of different colors floating around awaiting him.

We made long chains together, and he waved the sticks around.

Behold the wonder of seeing the world alight.

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