Tuesday, February 14, 2012

You're so "write" for me

Happy Valentine's Everyone.


Here's a joke for the English teacher hubby.  (And a NKOTB reference! Oh, oh, oh, oh, ...). Child of the 80s!  See how I really amuse myself? Ahem, anyway, moving on.

We had a wonderful day here. Nice and restful. Nicholas and I needed it after the craziness that was last week. Let me recap what happened for you in case you didn't hear.

Last Monday I took Nick to drop off some forms and checks at what will be his future preschool. Yes! My beloved munchkin will attend preschool WITHOUT me.  I think I'll be ok, we'll see. At any rate, while chatting with the woman in the main office, I notice a bowl of candy set out on a small shelf for children, or anyone for that matter, to take. And in it were peanut M&Ms and Snickers.  My heart stopped.  It broke in two. As most all of you know, my child has a severe peanut allergy.  The only reason I agreed to send him there, my most cherished Prince, is becauseit he school is peanut and nut free! I didn't say anything, I think I was so stunned and hurt, and processing it all, I was in a silent stupor.  Needless to say, my full on anxiety kicked in and I spent several sleepless nights in a full on panic.  I spoke, rather my husband spoke (I was afraid I would burst into tears), to the headmistress/owner of the school about the issue. She was reassuring, and said everything you would want to hear in this type of situation, her husband went into cardiac arrest from a bee sting so she "gets it." I don't know though, I just don't know.

Tuesday was a pleasant break with a high school girlfriend who has a gorgeous baby boy of her own now.  But that evening our heat went out.  As in our furnace died. Not good in the middle of the winter. We woke up the next morning, Wednesday, and our house was 60 degrees. It dipped to 59 when the repairman came.  He was able to override the system to get us heat temporarily, but informed us we needed a new system. This was the third time they had been out this winter, so it wasn't too surprising, but the several thousand dollar bill was a slap in the face.  They told us they would be back to install the new system Friday. Great, there goes Friday. *Sigh*

Thursday was crazy, fun, chaotic.  I was having a massive play date at my house. I think I counted around 14 guests, mommies and babes.   It was revolving door style, meaning people came and went as their schedules dictated, so there were never too many people all at once.  Now, I love entertaining friends and my son's, and baking little treats.  I had a little British cookbook that I picked up in Scotland this summer that had a sweet little strawberry and polenta muffin recipe.  A perfect little sneaky treat, a fruit and veggie, for the wee ones. Oh, and they were delicious, I got to try one right out of the oven.  Yum.  Well, when I woke up Thursday morning ants had descended en masse in my kitchen and were attacking my muffins full force. It was truly vile.  I had seen two or three here and there, but really didn't want to break out the chemicals until necessary.  Well, necessary it became.  The play date extravaganza was a success though. Upon telling my mommy friends about the ants, one friend recounted a story from her youth about having so many ants in her house at one time they ate her hamster. Alive!  I shrieked, felt better about the comparatively few ants in my house, and will never again look at ants the same way. Ever.

Friday we got a new heater, and took Nick to his grandparents' in DC. We had a lovely evening out eating delicious Afgan food. It was a date night, with Nick! Perfection, if you ask me.  At least the week ended calmly and sweetly enough.

All of this brings me back to today. Valentine's Day.  My BFF came over with her gorgeous little princess and we all visited and went out to lunch.  Nick and I made corny, cheesy valentines for his father.  The kind of wordplay, silly jokes that I love and my husband doesn't, but guess what, he laughed guys, he laughed.




  1. Happy Valentine's Day! So glad this week is getting off to a smoother start!

    1. Jina- it would have been hard not to.